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We are a dynamic and opportunistic investment platform seeking high-octane returns.

Who We Are

Sopris Special Situations is a flexible investment platform that seeks to generate opportunistic returns by investing in a range of industries and strategies.

We typically utilize a passive investment style that is designed to capitalize on emerging trends and market inefficiencies. To date, we have focused on the following industries: Healthcare, Bitcoin Mining, Space, Digital Education, Blockchain, SAAS, and PropTech.

We strive to partner with best-in-class founders who are building disruptive technologies that can drive transformative change in their industries, as well as savvy investors identifying unique opportunities with asymmetric upside.

We help our partners unlock value by providing flexible capital and access to our deep network. Our goal is to engineer a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities that can deliver high-octane returns.

Investment Highlights

As long-term investors, we are committed to our portfolio companies by providing not only funding but guidance and partnership.

Investment Highlights

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by Status

by Sector

Ursa Major

Leading provider of next generation propulsion for space launch and hypersonics

Red Six Aerospace

Augmented Reality technology for dynamic environments


An open-source protocol that allows for decentralized, peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a trusted third party


3D-printed homes

100 Thieves

Premier lifestyle brand and gaming organization


Platform to enable underserved SMBs to put HR on autopilot

Honor Education

An integrated teaching and learning platform


Leading Spanish-language media and content company in the world

ASIC Arbitrage

Arbitraging market inefficiencies in the ASIC market

City Winery

A unique culinary & cultural experience for urban wine enthusiasts passionate about music

SCA Pharmaceuticals

A trusted partner in FDA 503B outsourcing and a provider of the highest quality sterile admixtures and pre-filled syringes

Danger Bio

Danger Bio is developing a portfolio of novel therapeutics that target key imbalances in danger detection, clearance, and innate immune activation biology, to interrupt the root drivers of bad autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory cycles, and to “reboot” tumor micro-environments to unlock better response rates from immunotherapy in difficult and unresponsive cancer populations

Puzzle HR

Premier provider of HR Solutions as a Service (HRaaS)

Hallmark Health Care Solutions

Workforce management solutions for hospitals, medical groups, long-term care centers, and healthcare staffing agencies


A new care delivery system tailored specifically to Medicare patients

PAI Pharma

PAI Pharma has an extensive product portfolio including over the counter and prescription solutions, elixirs, syrups, and semi-solids. PAI Pharma offers standard bottle packaging and ready-to-dispense unit-dose packaging.

Eventus WholeHealth

Eventus WholeHealth is the leading provider of primary care and mental health services for medically vulnerable adults who reside in post-acute care environments, assisted living, and independent living communities


NextCare is one of the nation’s leading health care providers, offering primary, virtual, and urgent care


Lincare delivers home respiratory therapy treatment methods to help improve a patient’s quality of life

Quorum Health

Quorum Health empowers health providers to offer quality care in communities across the country


EmCare is leading the industry by integrating Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Surgical Services, Anesthesiology and Radiology services to improve clinical quality outcomes, metrics, patient satisfaction and return on investment


Accredo is a specialty pharmaceutical and service provider for patients with complex and chronic health conditions

Sloans Lake

Sloan Lake is managed Care Provider


Category leader in behavioral and attitudinal insights

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